We want you

We aim to create a space where talented and ambitious young people challenge each other to develop their full potential that is why, with great pleasure, we invite you to be part of the UNIANDES delegation that will represent the Universidad de Los Andes in the Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN 2020); in the month of February 2020 in the city of Boston, USA.

Our delegations have achieved excellent results while representing Universidad de Los Andes, including some Outstanding Delegate and Honorable Delegate awards. The challenges for the next years are enormous, as we seek to improve what has been accomplished and continue developing better persons and professionals.

Being part of the team for HNMUN means being committed for the next ten months, being trained in diplomacy, leadership, negotiation, oral skills and many other subjects. It means committing to participate actively and work hard for the project; therefore, It demands time and effort. 

Gratefully, it has been a great experience to our former team members (to learn from past delegate experiences click here). UNIANDES delegation is a life changing experience as it inspires members to challenge themselves and each other. To push past the comfort zone. 

In this process, you will not be alone. During the whole time, your Faculty Advisor, the Head Delegates and your team members will give you feedback and coaching to ensure you get the most out of this experience.



FIRST STEP: Registration and video. 

 All candidates must upload a 1 minute video -in ENGLISH- answering the following questions:

  • Personal information (name, hometown, degree, semester and age).

  • Why are you the ideal candidate for the Delegation?

  • What background do you have that qualifies you for this?

  • What will you add to the Team?



  • Candidates will have to do a required selection test which will be held through an online provider.

  • The selection test consists of a multiple-choice question test in English and an essay.

  • Only candidates that complete STEP ONE will be allowed to complete the exam


STEP THREE: Practical Evaluation

  • Step Three is open only to candidates that complete satisfactorily Step ONE and Step TWO.

  • Consists of a simulation to evaluate negotiation, communication, teamwork and public speaking skills.


STEP FOUR: Interview

  • The final step will be an individual interview with the Faculty Advisor and Head Delegates.


The question isn’t who is
going to let me; it’s who is
going to stop me
— Ayn Rand