We are Students that will represent the Universidad de Los Andes - Colombia at the Harvard National Model of United Nations  (HNMUN).

Our team is formed by students from all over the country, from several departments of our University. 

Our goal is to represent our University and our country by doing our utmost best to continue honoring the history and legacy of our institution, our delegation and our country. 




Harvard National Model of the United Nations is the oldest, largest and most prestigious simulation of the United Nations in the world, with more than 3000 dedicated student from 70 different countries and 350 universities from all around the world.

HNMUN, as any Model UN, is a representation of the United Nations in which each delegation is assigned a country and each individual experiences the work of a diplomat in the UN. The goal is to represent that nation with respect and diplomacy, facing and looking for solutions to global issues.


The price of success is hard work, dedication to
the job at hand, and the determination that
whether we win or lose, we have applied the
best of ourselves to the task at hand
— Vince Lombardi